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Do people usually talk about themselves in the 1st or 3rd person in this section?

Today, Ash is a student at UC Berkeley who is currently pursuing an education in negotiation (talking his way into parties), interpersonal teamwork (wingmanning), communication (dating), and risk management (procrastination). On most days, Ash can be found working out (of his office in Palo Alto, CA).

Before Berkeley, this dimwit left high school his junior year and co-founded a startup called 1StudentBody in Redwood City, CA. During his time there, the company grew to 13 full-time employees and boasted use at over 33% of all US highschools.

Although mostly unintelligent, Ash has been writing code since a young age, and somehow manages to build things that people end up using. I'm still unsure how he got into Berkeley.

  • Name:

    Ash Bhat
  • Age:

    20 Years
  • Residence:

    Berkeley, CA
  • Hometown:

    San Jose, CA


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Day to Day

How does this moron spend his time?


Ash spends most of his time programming iOS, but has built projects in numerous languages and for a range of platforms.


Ash makes small angel investments in interesting startups and also runs a college fund for Highland Capital.


Ash thinks he's good at basketball and likes to play pickup often. Play with him and judge for yourself.


Ash is pretty good at eating. Ash practices this skill by seeking out and eating at great resaurants.

Resume / Timeline

Education / Companies

  • UC Berkeley

    Studying(?) CS + Sociology - 2015~

    After being out of school for over a year, I decided to go back to enjoy college.

  • Tetherball(Stealth)

    Bringing accessible internet to everyone - 2015~

    Discovered some cool technology, raised funding, opened an office in Palo Alto, and grew a team.

  • Rive:the networking app

    Apple Featured iPhone App - 2015~

    A small side project that I created to make sharing contact information incredibly easy. Apple ended up liking the app and featuring it on the front page on the business section of the appstore.

  • 1StudentBody:connecting students

    Suite of software for highschoolers - 2013-2015

    A company I ended up getting aquired into when fairly young. Leaving highschool my junior year, I got to experienced hiring an engineering team, growing products that touched millions of students, and raising capital. I left after a year and a half to attend Berkeley.

  • iSchoolerz (acquired)

    iPhone and Android apps for high schools - 2011-2013

    A company I started when I was 14 building apps for high schools in the Bay Area. Grew to 60,000 users over 2 years, ended up selling in late 2013 to 1StudentBody.

  • Santa Teresa High School


    The high school I attended for my freshman to junior years.

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